Something I stumbled upon during lunch is the card-sized inspiration behind the next Fashion How-To, or Fashion Wish-To even. Card-sized in the form of Givenchy’s last two seasons’ invite and Fashion How-To cos well…let’s just say invites need a little more work done. For seasons Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter 2012, Givenchy with the magic touch of M/M Paris have designed artworks so utterly beautiful and so co-ordinated with both ready-to-wear shows (one with a siren and the latter with a centaur). Don’t we all want a paper form artsy take-away memorabilia that is special enough (and preferably unique enough) to take us back to the feeling of the moment?

One half of M/M Paris’ – Mathias Augustyniak – explained the decision behind the show invites with a few conceptual words. “We like the idea of giving people a special souvenir each season. We reversed the idea of the traditional invite format: the folder or envelope is the important information bit that one takes to the show and the inner (the artwork) is the part you keep at home, the object.” Who knows what mystical creature Givenchy will resort to for Spring/Summer 20…13…

Spring/Summer 2012 – ‘Sirène’


Autumn/Winter 2012 – ‘Centaure’



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