Shopping for the cold season can be a drag. But what’s most difficult about Winter might also be the easiest – you buy less clothes cos you have to buy better quality pieces that will get you through the season. This is even truer when it comes to menswear. You can’t fake good tailoring, so quality is key. Luckily for us boys there is Gagliardi.

A couple of weeks ago, Gagliardi invited me over to their showroom to check out their Autumn/Winter ’14 collection – namely the jackets and suits. The first thing I noticed was how fresh their collection looks when it comes to the styles and colours. Of course that’s nothing compared to when you look at the garments up close and take in the details, and I’m fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to have a talk with the Gagliardi designers about what inspired them, the design process and everything in between.

While I was examining the jackets I started thinking about how men shop, the experience of it all and what makes garments ‘feel right’. Of course tailoring is all about the quality of the fabric and the fit, but there was more to these pieces. I often hear a lot of men complain about menswear that it’s a lot of the same and that there’s no room for experimentation, and that made me look at these jackets differently.

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It’s very hard to say there’s no room for experimentation when you look at the jackets closely with the lining and trims they conceal. Take the rust twill jacket for example. Made out of a cotton twill that is as light as a feather yet very insulating, so you’ll feel warm but it won’t weigh you down. Even at first glance I already pictured this jacket worn a hundred different ways – with jeans, as part of a co-ord look, with blues, colourblocked, the list goes on. Hello it’s even making me consider corduroy! Oh did I say it also comes in red and blue?

I also really gravitated towards their double-breasted suit. You know me… I love a good tartan check! The grey one fit me like a glove. There’s not much to say about it other than it’s timeless and crafted to absolute perfection. I can see myself rocking it with ripped jeans (oh wait I already did…) as well as go all-out formal with a good pair of black pants, the perfect white shirt and fancy shoes for good measure.

By the end of my visit I realized these were the jackets that will take you from University to work to a business lunch to a formal event to a chic weekender with the family, yet still make you feel like the best version of you throughout it all. Cos good clothes are nice, but good clothes that you’ll make good memories with are even better.

Gagliardi is available at Bortex stores, online and soon at the Gagliardi flagship store at Piazza Tigne, Sliema


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