Hello I’m Daniel and I miss Winter. Altogether now: “Hello Daniel”. Guys is it just me or did Winter come too fast and last way too little? And I want MORE.

I mean… What is up with this weather? One extra layer at the wrong time will have you sweatin’, a layer less cryin’.

So what do you do to extend that Winter feeling? You get creative. How do you get creative? You throw a (faux!) fur stole over your shoulders and belt that shit.


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Hear me out. I culled this brilliant outfitting concept from a couple of the 3,582,406 street style pictures from Milan and Paris, and it works really well on thin layers on a chilly Spring night.

Ladies – just wrap the stole over your dancing dress with a belt. Or pair your now-fuzzy favourite shirt with a pencil skirt if you have a weekend lunch. As for your choice of footwear…  Simply put, who cares? Everyone is gonna be starin’ at the upper half of yo self anyway.

And I’m out!

Now I just hope I don’t lose it at Havana or something.

  • Totally just bought that faux fur stole based on your pictures! It’ll be a little hot soon in Malta to where it though, no? Might have to save it for the winter again xo

  • Devil Wears Pra-duh

    Yes I kinda discovered it a bit too late! But I will be wearing it later this year for sure – it’s such a good piece!