Instagram. Some use it for the hashtag overload. I have to plead guilty to that one. Or #instaguilty. While others use it to document their life and memorable happenings. Outspoken and obnoxious but equally as talented and super stylin’ popstar Rihanna made her way to Coco Chanel’s home in Paris earlier today. I wonder if a collabo is on the way but in the meantime check out what went down at 31 Rue Cambon.



Riri takes a seat on Coco Chanel’s famous mirrored staircase in the designer’s former home on 31 Rue Cambon in Paris. In head-to-toe Chanel of course. Wearing H2T Chanel at Chanel is a must I guess.



Just smokin’ a ciggy with Chanel costume jewellery and accessories designer Laetitia Crahay. No biggie…






The history lesson was so tiring Riri had to lie down and break into a Coco Chanel moment.



Short nap over and Riri is up styling her own collection where Coco used to dress hers. Random thought: I wonder if the late Coco approves of Chanel’s golden creepers? I guess we’ll never know.



No smoking here. Cos Chanel girls do not smoke. But Rihanna ain’t any Chanel girl. She’s a Chanel guuurl.



And what’s Rihanna without a little Barbados twerking situation? Nothing I say. Nothing! Work it mami!



And finally what’s a visit to Chanel without a lil’ goodie…BAG? A 5K goodie bag……….bitch. Fin!


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