I somehow had this picture in mind of me and my older brother wearing jeans with embroidered cartoon characters all over them… IN PARIS. So I asked my mother and she confirmed my suspicions. I was all about the patchwork denim in the ’90s. Those were the days.

I remember my mother had just started sewing and we’d get these iron-on patches of whatever really, and have a field day with the denim and glue. And gosh… We felt COOL! I actually think that was my first ever D.I.Y. experience come to think of it and how I fell in love with personalization of garments. Fast forward a couple of years and somewhere down the line people grow up and jovial trends turn sour leaving everything at the bottom of the drawer. Until 2014 that is.

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One of the many things I love about fashion is its unpredictability, and how something can be gross one year and all over the place the next. I’m looking at you Birkenstocks. I was browsing the River Island sale recently and there it was staring me in the face: my childhood. Bonus points for my childhood being on sale! I’m obviously talking about patchwork denim. Needless to say, I grabbed my size and paid up. I got Birkenstock-style sandals too but that’s a story for another day.

Then I realized Junya Watanabe (those things sold out faster than LIDL BBQs…), Dries Van Noten and even Isabel Marant all threw their takes on patchwork denim down the runway this year. And ya know the beauty of high street brands… They put it on the shop floor and THEY SELL IT.

Question. Are we ever too old to wear something? Or are we just overthinking things as usual? Me, personally, I’m all for revisiting the past and bring it to the present. If it’s tied with pleasant memories, even better. And anyway if the shoe fits – you wear it right? Are you with me?

Pictured in the slideshow above: River Island patchwork shorts (on sale at The Point!), Topman shirt, Mvintage wish bone necklace and River Island slides


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