September is set to be a big month! I ain’t gonna lie – I haven’t felt this excited in a while. It is the January of fashion after all, and the time to go big or go home. With Runway’s Autumn/Winter edition later this month, a few side projects to keep me busy and an Italian road trip on the horizon to look forward to…I guess I’ll be grounded with tasks for a while. When need arises, Valletta is my preferred method of winding down and the perfect excuse to take my jeweled babies out for a stroll. Things are looking bright…and it’s not just the shoes. First up is my Menswear Trends for Autumn/Winter 2012 feature on Vida Magazine. Check it out here or here!


Jeweled shirt and jeweled shoes by Prada, bracelet by Hermès, sunglasses by Lanvin X H&M, snapback cap by BOY London, vintage Casio watch and custom-made shorts. Photos by Charles Paul Azzopardi


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