Wearing: Zara jacket and shoes, vintage blazer, thrifted Adidas sweater and Cheap Monday jeans

Carnival means a lot of people expect me to wear the craziest most flamboyant stuff over the course of the weekend yet here I am wearing nothing but jeans and a jacket. It’s actually two jackets plus collar tricks disguised as one. Thing is most people associate me with the overly flashy fashion I started this blogging journey with, and that’s fine I guess, but a lot has changed. I learned that standing out with outrageous fashion is easy compared to understated everyday fashion. What we see on the runways is fun and all, and it inspires us, but it is nowhere near reality. No one wears completely designer (At least no one not named Anna Dello Russo) or completely vintage and so forth. It’s all a mix – some of this and some of that and you make it work. For YOURSELF. And that’s what excites me nowadays. That weird but beautiful thing, personal style.