It’s that time of the year again. That time when New York Fashion Week is almost up and everyone and their mother is trying to put their finger on the upcoming season’s key trends. First things first, New York Fashion Week so far – what a snooze! Beneath the feast of bore, some triumphed – favourites include the new sheepish way at Rodarte (the Mulleavy sisters’ Autumn/Winter 2012 ready to wear show probably deserves a blog post all for itself…),and the twilight transition at Prabal Gurung (AGAIN – the showstopper look 38 deserves a blog post for itself and all its golden glory).

But first place for New York Fashion Week goes to…the boys at Proenza Schouler. So effortless-looking yet so chic. Styling was beyond immaculate. Feast on the eye candy below.

When I think Autumn/Winter I think the obvious black, brown, bold, outerwear, fur, leather and the less obvious…sequin. Sequins always seem to infiltrate in the wardrobe around the season of festivities. People need sparkle. People need glitz. And this year, people need lurex. Girls and boys. Okay, okay, I know what you’re thinking, so admittedly not many boys will be able to pull off an all-out Lurex item like the Prada polo or sweater, but it’s time to give some shine a chance, maybe in a smaller dose. Obviously, I’m attracted to lurex like a moth to a flame cos it sparkles, and everyone knows things that sparkle have that effect on me.

Thanks to the technological advances in lurex, it now features a softer finish and it’s making its way to the catwalk from the back of Studio 54. And not just any catwalk. Prada and Marc Jacobs were among the first wave of brands to surface this trend with their Autumn/Winter 2011 shows. Sadly lurex didn’t make it to the Prada womenswear show, but it did make it to the shops. This time around, more and more designers are embracing the gleam within and giving lurex a go. But just when I thought a full lurex sweater was more, designers like Marc Jacobs (again) and the before-mentioned Prabal Gurung proved me wrong.

At Gurung – quirky electric-blue printed sweater was layered over a pair of flared silk trousers. Lurex and silk marriage? And at Marc Jacobs – more was definitely more (those hats what was he thinking!) – a boxy lurex black skirt appeared over silver trousers and they were topped off with a …wait for it…lurex purple coat?! Glitter Blocking anyone?!

The reflective threads in lurex are a great alternative to its sister Sequin. It’s the perfect balance between glimmer, sophistication and wearability all while adding a smidgen of Studio 54 to the overall look. If you can’t afford the real deal, you’re in luck – high street brands are catching onto this trend and producing some surprisingly good lurex. I saw some really good deals at Topshop and New Look. Ready to let some shimmer into your wardrobe? Happy hunting!


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