Okay let’s see what the boys cooked up at Nolcha Fashion Week. We’re breaking it down look-by-look cos talking about themes and inspirations is easy.


Is that Daniela printed on a top? It’s giving me Balenciaga vibes… Ya know that space age collection? Shit that stuff was cool. And ah the ganutell is back. They’re pleasing the ladies back home at New York. Nice touch.

I like the skirt in look 2. I think it can work on its own too. And the belt!!! Looks like an upgrade from Christabelle’s performance. Wait a second I need to listen to Rush again.

Why didn’t this win again Malta?

Back to Charles & Ron.

And then the ganutell dress went short attracting a younger girl into the Charles & Ron world.

Bam! There was outerwear. And ganutell on the shoes!

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Daniela’s back. I hope she’s closing the show? That would bring things full circle right?


WHITE CAPE. There is a 500% chance this look will end up in Carina’s hands the second they land in Malta.

This ganutell column gown is probably my favourite look. It takes a WOMAN to pull that much print off. And those kinda ladies are the best.

Look 8 screams Moira. Am I right or am I right? The asymmetric top half is gorgeous.

The crowd pleaser. Look 9 looks like the kind of dress a lot of girls know they look good in and therefore, want.

And of course… Daniela closes the show in the Pre-Fall ’15 gown.

My initial thoughts is that it feels like their Pre-Fall collection is giving a warm hug and a nod to this collection, signifying it approves the new direction the brand is going in.

Know who else approves? Maltese women.