It’s impossible to talk about Call Your Girlfriend and the man behind the lens without getting a wee bit personal. I have known Matthew Attard Navarro for about 5 years and I have personally witnessed his photographic style, skill and art evolve first-hand throughout the years. His need to have his magazines alligned perfectly on the coffee table is somehow indicative of his photographic work – precise, clean and supa-sharp. Now with two fashion magazines, a newspaper and a photography portfolio thicker than a Vogue September issue under his belt, the bar for his first solo exhibition was set high.

Call Your Girlfriend is a photography exhibition documenting male youth, its beauty, innocence and sexuality. And that’s what you exactly get – all three were a hit, the latter more controversial. Controversial in the sense that sex appeal in Malta is like a moth to a flame, usually producing flamers in the tedious process too. What this exhibition does best is lighten up the sexuality on the pictures delicately hanged on the wall via the clear-cut beauty, regardless of nudity.

The launch itself had an arresting effect, in a good way. Everyone was entrapped by the allure of the pictures for a longer-than-expected stay. The crowd was a good one – artsy, hipster, young and fun – that plus wine meant conversations were totes amaze (hash tag totes amaze). And the space was ideal – an elongated room with the pictures placed all over for a much-welcomed captivating effect on a Saturday evening. Lisa Gwen, the curator, did a marvelous job.

All that’s left now is that you hop over to Valletta and pay St. James Cavalier a visit – it’s there till Saturday the 17th of March. And there’s even more exciting news for avid art followers. There’s gonna be part two focusing on the female gender.

Call Your Girlfriend by Matthew Attard Navarro is at St. James Cavalier, Valletta till March 17th


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