Greetings! How are you guys after the Christmas holidays? Good? Fat? Same man, same! I’m currently hibernating in Gozo detoxing and trying to get back in shape. That’s gonna last a good 24 hours until I drop by Mojo’s tomorrow. Until then, I’m pretending I’m back to school.

Being ready from school and never having my fashion mindset meet scholastic dressing is a regret of mine. That’s probably a blessing in disguise though cos I’m a very bad judge of what’s appropriate or not when doing the most basic things. You could find me at the supermarket getting Pringles and green tea wearing something like this. So yeah.

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I remixed my favourite stuff for my imaginary school day. The striped tee and jeans I got from the Sliema sales make an appearance. I layered the tee over a grey polo neck jumper cos 1) it’s cooooold and 2) why the heck not? Tied a neckerchief around my wrist for that little pop o’ colour, then threw my trusty suede chelseas for that little cowboy factor. And backpack cos… What says back to school more than a backpack right?

Anywho! I’m off to study the history of fashion blogging at the library.

See ya at New York Best laterz?

I’m wearing a vintage denim jacket (this one is pretty darn close), River Island tee and jeans, Chanel backpack and ASOS suede chelsea boots


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