It goes without saying that my favourite month in the fashion calendar is June. Getting to know the vibe designers showcase for the next Spring/Summer season early on is crucial and helps plan out purchases, or in my case, a weeping bank account. Katie Eary will surely be part of the ‘weeping bank account’ equation when her Spring/Summer 2013 menswear collection hits the interwebs.

The glistening collection inspired by Californian skater boys was everything and more I hope for when thinking about the SS seasons. Vivid print-heavy, silk and the newly added: jersey fused with neoprene. Very borderline Versace at times when it came to the aquatic prints and golden baroque, Eary understood what works and took a nose dive into the easily sellable. What I don’t understand is this skateboard obsession designers seem to be getting into. Maybe next season will hold the answers to this urban mystery…


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