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Biex tehodhom ir-ritratti u x’tuza ghall-editing?😍 10. July 2017

iPhone or my Canon. For editing… Afterlight, Snapseed and VSCO!



Hi Daniel. First of all THANK YOU for being you and for sharing your personality with all of us. I especially love your snapchats and rants on facebook. Me and my boyfriend are planning a weekend away in Gozo in the upcoming weeks and I thought you might be the perfect person to ask for suggestions for a a place to have a nice romantic dinner and other things to do during the day (no need to mention maxokk, it’s a given). Thank you xx 10. July 2017

I’m so so so sorry this one old question was left unanswered! I hope you had a good time, Xlendi or Marsalforn for dinner yeah? Thank you so much for your kind words.

Have you discovered any new thrift shops since you’ve blogged the top 5? Thanks X 10. July 2017

Hello! There’s a new one at an arcade near St. George’s Square in Victoria, Gozo. It’s pretty good!

Do you need to be rich to be a blogger? 10. July 2017

Of course not!

Tista itini ideat fejn nista insiefer ghal 18th birthday pls? 10. July 2017

London. Barcelona. Rome. All good for shopping, food AND partying *wink*

And early happy birthday!

Are you… SINGLE? LOL 10. July 2017

And ready for a Pringle.

Thoughts about the Supreme and LV collaboration? Hmm 10. July 2017




How much pizza is too much pizza 10. July 2017

There is no limit…

Are you gay ? 10. July 2017

*eyeroll* lol

Where are you training? 10. July 2017

Just restarted gym with Mariano.

What’s your fave clothing item ? 🙌🏻 10. July 2017

That changes all the time… but right now I think it’s my latest Charles & Ron shirt. The one with the balcony print! ❤

missed you danny! 10. July 2017

Happy to be back!

I mean I understand people can be ambassadors but do optika really need to give EVERYONE sunglasses? LOL GEEZ 10. July 2017

Oversaturated marketing? Boqq huma jafu…

Are the C&R belts still available? Se twaqqani ghal wahda kemm huma sbieh lol xxx 10. July 2017

Yes they are (I think…) I love my black and brown ones! They seriously go with everything and I haven’t stopped wearing them ever since I got them.

Glad you’re back! X 10. July 2017

Hello! Thanks! X

Hi Daniel 🙂 What did you think about the C&R and Luke Azzopardi collections shown at The Vocabulary? 10. July 2017

Both were really good. I especially liked that new blue Charles & Ron bag! Need!

Hey Daniel hope you’re good 🙂 One curious question – if you were to meet any fashion/makeup youtuber, who would it be? 😉 25. June 2017

Jeffree Star!

best sites that you can buy stylish and classic clothes .. ? 8. March 2017


do you have an online shop, that caters in Malta? 8. March 2017

I’m a fashion blogger.

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