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best sites that you can buy stylish and classic clothes .. ? 8. March 2017


do you have an online shop, that caters in Malta? 8. March 2017

I’m a fashion blogger.

Hi Daniel, what are some good thrift stores in Malta? 1. February 2017

The one in Msida near JC and the one in Gozo near Ville Rundle! hey daniel… how do you feel about this? 1. February 2017

This is a very tough question to ask. I honestly don’t know where to start and I’d be here writing all day lol.

Best designer scarves apart from Burberry? 1. February 2017

Louis Vuitton and Gucci! Vuitton are more timeless though.

Hey Dann ! 29. January 2017


what’s your snapchat? <3 27. January 2017


You’re amazing in fact you’re on my “see first” list on facebook <3 love your posts especially the funny ones! Would love to meet you in person one day! Please don’t let the haters or negative comments change the person you are! 27. January 2017

Awh you are the sweetest! Made my day already. I hope we get to meet soon too!

tips about how to dress trendy for college? 26. January 2017

2 words: Be. Yourself. There’s nothing more likeable than being authentic trust me.

Does one need any specific qualifications to become a blogger? Or does one have to be updated with the fashion industry and have an eye for fashion? Thanks for taking the tine to answer the question 😊 xxx 26. January 2017

Hello! You really don’t need anything to be a blogger, that’s also why we get so much hate sometimes lol. You just need to share your wears and lifestyle on the internet so to speak. A good sense of style and good photography skills help obviously!

Where else are you travelling to this year? 🙂 26. January 2017

Hello! London and Italy for sure. Thinking about some exotic destination too but not sure yet…

More suits please xxx 26. January 2017

Noted. A suits posts is coming today/tomorrow!

You are one of a kind xxx 26. January 2017

That’s really kind of you thanks xxx

Best shopping sites in Barcelona? And places to take good photos aka selfies…Going there soon and I would like some ideas from where to buy! Thanks xx 26. January 2017

Hello! For shopping best to go to Passeig de Gracia and walk all the way up to Catalunya. You’ll find 4/6 of both H&M and Zara and a ton others. There’s a cute mall at Catalunya square. And a really good shopping complex across the bridge at the beach.

For photos mae sure to visit the Gaudi spots and Park Guell obviously. Enjoy!

YES YOU DAN xxxxxxx I’m good dan tks lol bit stressed cause fuckin examss and assignments xxxx 26. January 2017

You are too sweet! Wishing you all the best for your exams xxx

do you have a boyfriend? hahaha xxx 26. January 2017

LOL hello Snapchat fam!

Madonna Dan how are you soo hotttt?xxxxxx how has your day been babe? 26. January 2017

HOT? LOL! Are we sure we’re talking about the same person? hahaha

My day has been okay. Rough week but I’ll be fineeeee. Thank you for asking! How are you?

Hi, can you please give me some fun date ideas (on a budget ofc) so that we don’t always end up going to a restaurant? Thanks xx 26. January 2017

Hello! So for starters I think anywhere can be a good date! Fis-sens… you need to make it a good date. Maybe order takeout and go eat it somewhere with a view? I used to get Maxokk in Gozo and go eat it at Ramla or Daħlet Qorrot. Movie-like scenario haha. Speaking of Gozo… going up to Gozo for a day is always nice! And you don’t have to break the bank for it.

DAN!!! Where is the camel coat you posted today from? You didnt mention the brand yet I think xx 26. January 2017

It’s Topman x

Pleasee let Sarah do your makeup on her channel would love to see it hah xxxxxxxxx full glam ee 😉 26. January 2017

LOL! We actually already joked about it. So…


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