I really dunno where to start. Truth is I’ve been looking at a draft of this post for the past two weeks, or was it three? 2012 has been a very special year for me. Of course it’s because it’s the year I started my blog but there’s more to it than that. When I started my blog I was equal amounts of excited and scared: excited cos I finally mustered up the courage to jump head first and have my very own creative outlet, scared cos of how people would react to the boy in the hats, the wacky prints and the oh-so-crazy shoes. Almost a year later and I must say it has been absolutely great. I love interacting with my readers both online and in real life. I’m always curious to see who the people that read me are and well…everyone has been so supportive.

The blog has been a portal to many ventures in 2012: Runway Malta, Patches Market, The Death of Snow White, Malta Fashion Week, numerous other events and exhibitions, being published in local magazines, judging the Supernova modelling competition on Malta Llejla, and ultimately wearing the clothes I want to. People underestimate the power of dressing up and the confidence and well-being boost that comes with it.




Then the 2012 Style Awards came and I won in the blogger category and suddenly all that primary fear was drained out. It felt like all the nights writing and working all paid off and that my voice was acknowledged and more importantly, appreciated. The funny thing is that never in my life did I stick to one thing and keep at it. I always halt the progress and move onto the next thing so in a way my blog has been my biggest perseveration accomplishment to date. 2013 has some seriously tough shoes to fill but something tells me it’ll knock 2012 outta the park one Prada shirt at a time. I’m really excited about the next DWP chapter!

I have been super blessed in this past year: I met so many creatives and people in the business, all the readers, new friends and my love. I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and may the coming year be the best one yet. Spend the next few days with your loved ones and think about what is really important. I know I will! So see you all in a couple of days! When I return: I mean…Monkey Business! Hint hint…


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