Anyone who knows me personally knows that I am no fan of Summer. 1) I hate going to the beach. Not cos I don’t like swimming but cos I turn into Chris Brown if I bare it all under the sun for about 2.6 seconds. Not even joking. 2) The 12/13 buses. That’s all on that. And most importantly… 3) I find Summer fashion to be boring most of the time. No layering meant no fun in my books. Until now.

Somewhere between the recent soaring of temperatures and 3 showers a day it hit me: Summer is not backing down just yet. So I might as well make the last stretch more bearable before we start transitioning into my favourite season. How do we get comfy? By buying stuff, that’s what. Moreover, ‘stuff’ that’s appropriate for a hike on the sun would be wise. Not that we’re going on the sun but ya never know with the bipolar weather over here and Maltaweather’s prediction skills.

Anyway, 5 things you might still need before Summah is ovah below:

1) White tops. You know what they say… “White tops. BUY ‘EM!”

2) Sunglasses. I have about 20 pairs running around my room, but you know what? OPTIONS. Those are important too.

3) Hats. Take it from me, hats definitely make life more fun. And since we’re gonna be sweating buckets… We gonna need all the fun we can get right? You’re welcome.

4) Trainers. You gotta thank Normcore for being a thing and making your feet a whole lot comfier. Enjoy this moment legz cos boots are coming soon.

5) Cross body bags. Do you know what’s better than any other bag for Summer? A bag you don’t need hands for! Easy, breezy, beautiful.

So… See ya at the beach for a mojito?


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