Charles and Ron re-presented their Fall/Winter ’16 collection this past weekend in front of the majestic St. Helen’s Basilica, and they did not hold back! Here’s all you need to know about the revamped collection.

1) New looks! Charles & Ron doubled up the volume of the church lights-inspired collection they showed in New York with a lot of new looks and…

2) There was menswear. Bomber jackets, coats, tees… boys now also get to have some fun with the prints and embellishment.

3) The jewellery is exquisite. Statement necklaces done right – if you’re looking for a neck party to complete your look Charles & Ron have the solution.

4) New bags of course. No Charles & Ron show is complete without new and updated bags. We loved the new black studded pieces and the big red leather bucket bag!

5) Couture closing. The looks that closed the show were tulle extravaganza that took hours (days?) to make. Couture and truly so, and the people loved it.

Shop Charles & Ron here. All photos by Bernard Polidano.